Sure, we have lots of practical, beautiful and one-of-a-kind items for inside your lake house. But we realize that you do a lot of living outdoors! So we've stocked some unique items for the waterfront, campfire, boat and pier.

For example, our campfire fishing pole flips your marshmallows with a snap of the wrist, delighting children and making for perfect s'mores. How cool is that?

The "BumFloat" wearable floating chair was clearly developed by someone who spends a lot of time at the lake. It takes the old trick of floating around in an upside-down water ski vest and makes it comfortable. Now it's easy to bob around in the water without the chafing and the sudden incidences of capsizing that the old inverted lake jacket method caused.

We've even thought of your pup! Our floating dog dock and boat ramp quickly attaches to any pier or boat, providing safe and easy access so your dog can climb out of the water on his own. It also provides an additional safety measure in the event that your dog falls in the water when unattended.

See what common problems you can solve with our waterfront selection. Because life at the lake should be easy and fun!